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Your Hong Kong Work Visa Process

i-Admin provides services to MNCs and individuals for Hong Kong employment visa and dependent visa applications. We coordinate the paperwork and processes in obtaining employment visas, and dependent visas, for expatriate employees and their family members in Hong Kong. We keep abreast of policy changes from the Immigration division, ensuring that your company remains compliant in managing expatriates.

Eligibility for Hong Kong
Work Visa Holder


  • No security objection or crime record
  • A good education, normally a first degree in their field) or technical and professional qualifications, with document proof
  • Confirmed offer of employment, with genuine job vacancy


  • Reasonable proof of genuine relationship between the dependent and the sponsor
  • No known record to the detriment of the dependant
  • Sponsor is able to support the dependant’s living at a standard well above subsistence level and provide him/her with suitable accommodation

Factors that may affect the application:

1. Salary

2. Age

3. Roles and responsibilities

4. Related work experience

5. Company’s background

6. Company’s paid up capital

7. Current citizenship

Checking your Hong Kong
Work Visa Application Status

Application process is initiated through our online portal. i-Admin specialists are able to leave messages and track the application status online at anytime. Personal information is kept safe on systems hosted in highly secure, fault-tolerant data centres.


A result is declared about two months after the submission of the application